Damian Medina's Student Affairs
Personal Philosophy!

In Continuing to be a Leading Student Affairs Professional,
I will pledge certain values and commitments to three main areas:

  1. To myself, I pledge to keep a balance between my profession and social atmospheres in order to have a healthy lifestyle that does not revolve around work. I pledge to apply my knowledge of student affairs theory to my practice in a holistic view of the college student. I pledge to pursue continual growth in student affairs knowledge, trends, theories, and current information.

  2. To my university, I pledge to uphold the university and academic missions to enhance academic and student development. I pledge to keep an open mind to the changing diversity issues on campus and its students. To my department, I pledge to create an environment that will help students develop, learn, and enhance the quality of their lives and leadership qualities. To my student affairs colleagues, I pledge to uphold an open-door policy for support, guidance, and assistance.

  3. To my students, I pledge to be an advisor and advocate in their path as developing student leaders by providing opportunities to learn about their strengths and areas of improvement so as to better themselves. I pledge to guide and listen to them in times of hardship and be a support figure in all their endeavors. I pledge to create a challengin, yet caring, respectable, acceptable, and learning environment to students I serve in a holistic manner so to address academics along with all their other needs as college students. And last but foremost, I pledge I will do all which I can so they receive the most from their college experience and leave knowing they are stronger and better leaders and contributing individuals to their communities and nation.